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Muslim Film Festival

The Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival is committed to discovering and sharing some of the most exciting and thought provoking films from around the world. Our aim is to use film as a means for presenting topics and issues that are timely, relevant and generate meaningful discussion about Muslims and the Muslim world.

Our dedicated team carefully selects films from across the globe that transcend countries, languages and cultures while highlighting the common humanity among people of all races, ethnicities and religious beliefs.

The Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival aims to pave the way for award-winning films to be discovered and for creative filmmakers to receive the attention they deserve.


The Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival is being launched by the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition, a highly respected organization that has been in existence for the past twenty years in the Greater Milwaukee area. Lead by a Board of professional women, the goals of the MMWC are to help our local and national community gain a more accurate understanding of Islam and Muslims as well as create forums and opportunities for dialogue and understanding. The MMWC is a strong advocate for women and girls and works closely with individuals and organizations that strive for harmony, justice and peace.

About the MMWC

Founded in 1994, the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition began as a local educational outreach organization dedicated to promoting an accurate understanding of Islam and Muslim women.

The MMWC addresses a wide range of groups including schools, universities, businesses, law enforcement agencies, healthcare centers, religious establishments, community organizations and the media. This is done through presentations, workshops, seminars, panel discussions and other forums. In addition, the MMWC provides resources and educational materials to groups that seek information and tools to promote understanding.

Over the years, the MMWC’s work expanded to include leadership, healthcare, and job training programs for women and girls. This was in recognition of the fact that empowered healthy women that are economically secure strengthen their families, communities and country.

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