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2021 In Person Screening

Thursday, October 21 6:45 PM

Oriental Theater

Main House

City of Ali

City of Ali is a feature-length documentary that tells the story of how the death of Muhammad Ali brought the people of his Kentucky hometown – and the world – together for one unforgettable week. Ali’s passing on June 3, 2016, came in the context of a bitter U.S. presidential election, a proposed Muslim ban and the global expansion of the Black Lives Matter movement. Yet on the day of Ali’s funeral procession, more than 100,000 people lined the streets of Louisville to celebrate his life, and an estimated one billion people worldwide watched events like Ali’s memorial, held in the packed KFC YUM. Center as stories of the Louisville Lip’s wit, generosity, swagger and commitment to justice were retold by President Bill Clinton, Billy Crystal, Lonnie Ali, and many others. City of Ali explores Ali’s lifelong relationship with his hometown through candid interviews with friends and relatives whose history with The Champ dates back to his childhood at 3302 Grand Avenue, and who share stories even devoted Ali fans have never heard.

Release date: June 4, 2021 (USA)
Director: Graham Shelby

Friday, October 22nd  6:45PM

Oriental Theater

Main House

Hamtramck, USA

Hamtramck, Michigan is a city built by immigrants. The city thrived thanks to Polish Catholic immigrants drawn to the industrial boom of America. In the late 1990’s, Bangladeshi and Yemeni Muslim immigrants revitalized this post-industrial city. This multi-ethnic city prides itself on its mantra “The World in 2 Square Miles,” boasts about the over 30 languages spoken in the schools and the diversity that comes with it.

​However, when it comes to the city’s politics, the city quickly splits into factions, pitting communities against each other. From these tensions, candidates emerge, hoping to be the voice for their community in City Hall.

Initial release: March 14, 2020
Directors: Justin Feltman, Razi Jafri
Editor: Luther Clement
Cast: Mohammad Hassan, Karen Majewski, Kamal Rahman
Producers: Justin Feltman, Razi Jafri

Saturday, October 23rd  1:15PM

Oriental Theater 

West House

Captains of Zaatari

Filmaker Ali El Arabi examines the lives of two soccer-obsessed Syrian friends living in Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp.
Initial release: 2020
Director: Ali El Arabi
Editors: Simon El Habre, Alaa Eldin El Dajani, Mennattalah Elshesheni

Saturday, October 23rd  4:00PM

Oriental Theater 

West House

The Present

Yusef and his young daughter set out in the West Bank to buy his wife a gift on their wedding anniversary.
Initial release: 2020
Director: Farah Nabulsi
Music by: Adam Benobaid
Produced by: Ossama Bawardi
Production companies: Philistine Films
Distributed by: Netflix
Cast: Saleh Bakri, Mariam Kanj, Mariam Basha, Leila Mouammar, MORE

Saturday, October 23rd  7:15PM

Oriental Theater

West House

The Mauritanian

A defence attorney, her associate, and a military prosecutor uncover a far-reaching conspiracy while investigating the case of a suspected 9/11 terrorist imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for six years.
Release date: February 12, 2021 (USA)
Director: Kevin Macdonald
Story by: M.B. Traven
Adapted from: Guantánamo Diary
Languages: English; French; Arabic
Music by: Tom Hodge

Sunday, October 24th  1:15PM

Oriental Theater

West House

200 Meters

Mustafa and his wife Salwa live 200 meters apart in villages separated by the Israeli border wall. One day he gets a call every parent dreads: his son has been injured in an accident. Rushing to cross the Israeli checkpoint, Mustafa is denied on a technicality. But a father’s love won’t give up and he will do anything to reach his son. A 200 meter distance becomes a 200 kilometer odyssey, as Mustafa, left with no choice, attempts to smuggle himself to the other side of the wall.

Director: Ameen Nayfeh
Starring: Ali Suliman
Starring: Anna Unterberger
Starring: Lana Zreik
Starring: Motaz Malhees

Sunday, October 24th   4:00PM

Oriental Theater

West House

The Dissident

When Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappears after entering Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, his fiancée and dissidents around the world are left to piece together the clues to a brutal murder and expose a global cover-up perpetrated by the very country he loved.
Release date: December 25, 2020 (USA)
Director: Bryan Fogel
Music by: Adam Peters
Production companies: Orwell Productions; Human Rights Foundation

Sunday, October 24th  7:15PM

Oriental Theater

West House

The Return: Life After ISIS

The Return: Life After ISIS is an 2021 British-Spanish documentary film directed and produced by Alba Sotorra. It follows Shamima Begum and Hoda Muthana as they leave ISIS and attempt to return to their countries. It had its world premiere at South by Southwest on 17 March 2021
Initial release: March 17, 2021
Distributed by: Sky Documentaries
Editors: Michael Nollett, Xavi Carrasco

2021 Virtual Screening

  • Saturday, June 12, 7:00 pm

  • Virtual

Victoria & Abdul

The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship in the later years of Queen Victoria’s (Academy Award® winner Judi Dench) remarkable rule. When Abdul Karim (Ali Fazal), a young Muslim clerk, travels from India to participate in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, he is surprised to find favor with the Queen herself. As the Queen questions the constrictions of her long-held position, the two forge an unlikely and devoted alliance with a loyalty to one another that her household and inner circle all attempt to destroy. As the friendship deepens, the Queen begins to see a changing world through new eyes and joyfully reclaims her humanity.

  • Saturday, March 20th 7:00 pm

  • Virtual


This award-winning documentary follows a predominately Arab-American high school football team from a working-class Detroit suburb as they practice for the big game during the last ten days of Ramadan, revealing a community holding onto its Islamic faith while they struggle for acceptance in post 9/11 America.

FORDSON won the Grand Jury Award for Best U.S. Documentary at the 2011 Traverse City Film Festival, with founder and filmmaker Michael Moore commenting, “It’s one of the best documentaries I’ve seen this year…I want everybody in the country to see this film. You told an American story with the American game.” It also won Best Documentary at the 2011 Manhattan Film Festival, the Special Grand Jury Award at the 2011 Slamdance Film Festival, Special Jury Prize at the DEADCenter Film Festival, the Audience and Founders Award at the 2011 Politics on Film Festival, the Best Documentary Award at the Detroit-Windsor Film Festival and was named Champion of the World Cup Film Awards.

Please click here to watch the talk back with film director Rashid Ghazi 

  • Saturday, March 20th 7:00 pm

  • Virtual

White Right : Meeting the Enemy

In this Emmy-winning documentary, acclaimed Muslim filmmaker Deeyah Khan meets U.S. neo-Nazis and white nationalists including Richard Spencer face to face and attends the now-infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville as she seeks to understand the personal and political motivations behind the resurgence of far-right extremism in the U.S.

Speaking with fascists, racists and proponents of alt-right ideologies, Deeyah, attempts to discover new possibilities for connection and solutions. As she tries to see beyond the headlines to the human beings, her own prejudices are challenged and her tolerance tested. When she finds herself in the middle of America’s biggest and most violent far right rally in recent years, Deeyah’s safety is jeopardized. Can she find it within herself to try and befriend the fascists she meets?

Please click here to watch the talk back with  Pardeep Kaleka and Jessica Boling.

  • Saturday, February 13th 7:00 pm

  • Virtual

Prince Among Slaves

In 1788, the slave ship Africa set sail from the Gambia River, headed for American shores with its hold laden with hundreds bound in chains. Eight months later, a handful of survivors found themselves for sale in Natchez, Mississippi. One of them, 26-year-old Abdul Rahman Ibrahima, a highly educated African prince, and heir to a kingdom made an astonishing claim to Thomas Foster, the plantation owner who purchased him at auction, that the bedraggled Abdul Rahman’s father would pay gold for his return. Foster dismissed the claim as a lie.

Please click here to watch the talk Back by Reggie Jackson of America’s Black Holocaust Museum

  • Saturday, January 9th 7:00 pm

  • Virtual

1948: Creation and Catastrophe

Through riveting and moving personal recollections of both Palestinians and Israelis, 1948: Creation & Catastrophe reveals the shocking events of the most pivotal year in the most controversial conflict in the world. It tells the story of the establishment of Israel as seen through the eyes of the people who lived it. But rather than being a history lesson, this documentary is a primer for the present. It is simply not possible to make sense of what is happening in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today without an understanding of 1948.

Please click here to watch the Q & A panel with Directors

Andy Trimlett and Dr Ahlam Muhtaseb.

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